Jess France is a small family business founded in France. The main specialization is production of premium class men's and women's shirts. Our mission is to help the client in his desire to look beautiful, stylish and elegant.

About us

We make shirts for representatives of the business class who want to look individually and tastefully, while spending a minimum of time on shopping and not overpaying for promoted brands.

We focus on the exclusivity and quality of our products. All models are produced in a limited quantity (no more than 150 pcs.) and have significant differences in quality from standard shirts, which are presented in regular stores and boutiques.

We choose fabrics and accessories very carefully. Only high quality European material is used, which is used by premium global shirt brands. We are convinced that at the moment you will not find such a combination of quality and price, which we offer in any other European store or atelier.

Our products are delivered worldwide. We have gained considerable experience and an excellent reputation, which we greatly value.

The exclusive collection Premium White is the embodiment of all values of the brand, namely, European craftsmanship, top quality, limited series and creative innovations.

What makes Jess France shirts special

Soft collar interlining
Shank-stitched buttons
High stitch density
Side seam gussets
Reinforced side seams
Small top button for easy fastening
Fitted silhouette to highlight the figure
Premium Italian Albini fabrics
Mother of pearl buttons on premium white models